A Classic Brand Story for a Modern Age

Challenge: To create an experience that highlighted the brand’s exceptional story to a digital audience, and creating the concept behind the first global Hololens consumer experience.

Process: Having worked closely with the client, it was clear that Rémy Martin had a clear USP compared to its competitors – it is the only major cognac house to exclusively use eaux-de-vie from the two superior crus, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne. The “Rooted in Exception” differentiator became our guide for the concept. Having mapped the customer journey, we looked to develop a mixed-reality experience using the Microsoft Hololens, supported by the use of real-world assets, and other digital devices.

Outcome: The design for the concept was taken by Rémy Martin and developed by the team at Kazendi to their needs before its initial launch in Los Angeles during June 2017, with a global rollout to follow.

ClientRémy MartinServicesExperience Concept Design | Marketing | Brand Positioning | Brand StorytellingYear2016/17