Service Charge

Challenge: Phonergizer create mobile charging solutions for electronic devices, mainly to be used in public locations, such as airports, concerts and malls. Having already advised the technology start-up during their initial product launch in Dubai. I was approached to assist in their international growth efforts, starting with the UK.

Process: After conducting research into the competitive dynamics and current client pain-points across the industry, our insights pointed to the fact that the product-driven business model that had been so successful in Dubai would not allow for success in the UK market. Instead a service-driven model was created and adopted to allow Phonergizer to penetrate the UK market and achieve its growth ambitions.

Outcome: Despite a relatively small launch budget, Phonergizer have been able to grow organically – with a client list including some of the largest venues in the UK – by offering a tailor-made service that differentiates the company from its rivals.

ClientPhonergizer UKServicesGo-to-Market Approach | Market-Fit | Pricing Strategy | Business Model Design | Service DesignYear2014