Learning with LMC

Challenge: Despite joining as a Digital Strategy Consultant in 2011, I quickly became involved across the entire operations of the College. In 2012 I officially became the Acting Managing Director, tasked with turning the fortunes of the business around, and create a potential exit strategy for the owners.

Process: Taking an ethnographic approach (complemented with analytics) to redesign the services of the college in order to better meet the needs of all of LMC’s stakeholders. This allowed us to highlight gaps in our current practices and design a value proposition that not only differentiated us from our local and international competition, but also met our students’ desires. Taking into consideration the changing non-market influences of the education industry in the UK, I identified further sources of revenue that centred around positioning LMC as a thought-leader in the education space.

Outcome: Following an aggressive internationalisation and service growth strategy the College opened up campuses in Reading, Prague and Delhi within an 18-month period, in addition to the original London site, and was eventually sold in 2014 in a multi-million-pound deal to a larger international school.

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