Reinventing Investment

Challenge: To redesign and launch the company and its core Fintech multi-sided platform, whilst setting all strategic goals and plans.

Process: KGGs core focus is property investment, and they created a platform that targeted customers new to the investment game, those who did not have the funds to privately invest or those that wished to spread the risk of investment. At the core of this platform was a matching algorithm that segmented customers by their risk aversion.

I was approached by KGG before product launch to become the Strategy & Experience Director, overseeing all Digital & Creative teams. Having to take both internal and external responsibilities, I started by redesigning the business model and introducing new lean processes internally whilst simultaneously looking to redesign the platform (and its unique ‘risk-aggregator’ algorithm) that was to become the core service of the company. Trained teams in design thinking methodologies, pivoting the UX design to better fit our target segments, based on the insights gained from our research, prototyping and testing.

Outcome: After a successful launch and rapid growth, the platform, along with the driver behind its success – the risk aggregator – was sold by KGG to a private equity firm.

ClientKGG GroupServicesPlatform & Service Design | Strategic Direction - Business & Corporate | Quantitative & Qualitative Research | Innovation | UX & CX Design | Go-to-Market Approach & Market-Fit | Business Development | Brand Creation & Management | Lean Process Design Year2015/16