Challenging the Future of Retail

Challenge: To openly challenge the future direction of the retail industry, whilst repositioning Campaign as thought-leaders in the field.

Process: Assumption-based future customer personas & customer journeys were created as a starting point, with stages of the journey used as a basis to conduct open-experiments. This allowed us to understand which of our original ideas were ready to be scaled now, which required more work and which were not a viable option, either now or in the future. ‘Virtual, augmented and mixed reality in the design process’ formed the basis of our first open-experiment in October 2016. Chat-bot (Zero UI) personal shopping assistants, omni-channel cohesion (the merging of the offline & the online), and social VR were to shape the rest of our initial experimentation program.

Outcome: Looking to lead the conversation on the future of retail presented many opportunities. Whilst increased direct exposure with potential clients and collaborators assisted in brand awareness and growth, a number of new services have also been created including virtual, mixed and augmented reality prototyping and visualisation.

ClientCampaignServicesInnovation | Thought Leadership | Brand Positioning | Marketing | Research | Rapid Prototyping | Experiment Design | Partner Eco-System | Business DevelopmentYear2016/17