Designing a Destination

Challenge: Portobello Fine Foods Market, in conjunction with the Westway Trust, was struggling to make an impact that matched its business goals. I was brought on board to rethink the proposition of the business.

Process: In-field research amongst the bustling Portobello market and other venues throughout London, in conjunction with a large number of interviews amongst the intended target audience, highlighted one key insight – another artisan food market was not needed in the area. Instead what customers needed and wanted was a destination, somewhere they could go to enjoy their food, maybe a drink and perhaps experiencing some of Portobello’s unique musical heritage. I completely discarded the previous business model and branding by creating a new service designed around the concept of an open-venue destination, utilising an ever-growing partnership eco-system.

Outcome: Going from strength to strength for the past five years, Acklam Village has become an integral part of the Portobello area, and has seen its turnover rapidly rise from its performance in its previous guise as an artisan food market. It has also become a hub for the local community, with activities, book launches and other events also being held at the site throughout the year.

ClientAcklam Village MarketServicesPrimary & Secondary Research | Trend & Development Forecasting | Operational Analytics | Business Model Design | Brand Management | Brand Positioning | Marketing | Proposal DesignYear2010