The final post from my previous MBA Blog from March 2015:


So… back in London following my graduation from the IE GMBA.Firstly I must be clear, I am fully blaming the MBA for my complete lack of updates on this website. Secondly, I don’t think the words have yet been created to fully express the combination of joy and relief I currently feel.

Undertaking a part-time MBA was always the best option for myself. It made the possibility of an MBA financially viable, and at 34 years of age, I understand the techniques that I require to best retain the information imparted during the MBA (for me this is combining the theory learnt in the classroom with the real-life projects/situations I find myself in). However, it became very clear very quickly that this was more than a part-time MBA and very quickly I found myself attempting to juggle 50-60 hour work weeks with 30-40 hours of studying through weekly video conferences, forums, assignments and a lot (and I mean a lot) of reading. Each week I found myself attempting different techniques to improve my speed reading – some resulting in success, others in abject failure! But although this may sound like whinging to the lay reader, let me be clear… this was another benefit of the course! Never will I ever complain about long hours at work, tight deadlines will seem like a breeze, and managing multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams? Easy!

So… although this will be a brief post it will serve its purpose – to signify the return of some free-time, allowing me to improve this space on the web and secondly to express the bittersweet moment of this amazing MBA experience coming to an end!

I’ll delve deeper into the experience next time!

To quote a philosophical thinker of the past…

“that’s all folks!!” [Porky Pig – 1935]