Corporate Strategy, Business Strategy, Disruptive & Sustaining Innovation, Market Sizing, Vision & Mission Design, White Space Identification, Product-Market Fit, Go-to-Market Approach, Value Proposition, Business Model Design, Transformation & Innovation, System & Process Design, Lean Six Sigma, Implementation Roadmaps, Change Management & Target Operating Models, Financial Oversight & Analysis, Start-up Mentoring, Business Case Development, Stewardship, Project Management, Client Management, Business Development, Stakeholder Management, Business Analytics – Customer, Operational, People, Leadership & Management

Digital Transformation – Across The Value Chain, Digital Marketing – Social, Video, SEO/SEM, Paid, Digital Content Creation,  Nurture Marketing, Social Integrated Marketing Communications, Customer Acquisition & Retention, Digital Engagement, Data Analytics – Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive & Prescriptive, Sentiment Analysis, Journey & Touch-Point Mapping, Customer And User Experience/Interface Design, Web Design & Development, Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality Design & Development, Mobile & App Design, Digital Trend & Behaviour Analysis, White Paper Authoring, CRM, ERP & Knowledge Management Systems, Digital Product/Platform Design & Management, Gamification, Digital Risk, Digital Collaboration, Digital Process Redesign, Agile & Lean Methodologies, Digital Disruption – Attacking New Markets & Defending From Future Disruptors/Competitors

Creative Direction, Transformation Design, Human Centred Design, Persona Formulation, Scenario Testing, User Stories, Customer Journeys, Rapid Prototyping, Experimentation & Testing, Customer & User Experience Design, Information Architecture, Wire-framing, Service & Product Design, Product Management/Ownership, Workshop Design, Proof of Concept

Brand Management, Brand Asset Design & Development, Brand Experience, Brand Stories, Purpose & Positioning, Growth Strategy, Marketing, Brand Benefits and Attributes, Proposition Development, Content Creation, Thought-Leadership, Building Partnership Eco-systems

Primary & Secondary Research, Qualitative & Quantitative Insights, Data Analytics – Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive & Prescriptive, Business Analytics – Customer, Operational, People, Customer Discovery, Validation & Creation, Trend & Development Forecasting, State & Principle Identification, Assumption Testing, User Testing, Product Testing, Field Research, Smoke Testing, Case Study Creation

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A Digital & Strategic Designer with over 10 years experience in driving growth.

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